FIRST Fondene AS


Facts about FIRST Fondene AS

FIRST Fondene AS is an independent partner owned Norwegian asset manager who specializes in Nordic fixed income and equity investments. The company’s history goes back to 2007 when it was owned by Swedbank. Our investment philosophy is to be an active asset manager with concentrated, but at the same time diversified portfolios. Through our fund’s investors will get a unique exposure to the most attractive investment opportunities in the Nordic region.  The portfolio managers have flexibility to deviate from their benchmarks to generate alpha for investors over an investment cycle. All our established strategies with a 3 and 5 year track record have delivered positive excess return since inception. In 2019 FIRST Fondene was awarded best Norwegian fixed income manager by Morningstar and in 2018 best Nordic equity fund by Lipper Thomsen Reuters. FIRST Fondene AS currently have around 700 mill EUR in total assets under management.