Montpensier Finance


Montpensier Finance is a French independent investment management company which has been run since 2004 by an experienced team headed by Guillaume Dard.

With more than EUR 2 billion in assets under management, Montpensier Finance relies on a threefold asset management expertise :

  • European equities
  • Multi-Asset & Flexible management
  • Convertible Bonds

The fund M Convertibles is an equity convertible bonds fund predominantly invested in Eurozone and OECD countries. The investment process is based on 2 approaches : Pure convertible bonds and convexity.

The performance objective of the fund, which is based on European bond and equity markets, is to outperform the Exane Eurozone Convertible Bond index over the medium term, through a discretionary investment management. The portfolio management team applies a multi-criteria stock picking approach, analysing equity upside potential, credit risk and the technical profile of convertible bonds.