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A leading third party marketer in Europe


Active Fund Placement (AFP) is a leading third party marketer in Europe, currently with an office in Frankfurt, Germany. The company was founded in 2009. The experienced, highly qualified team of senior sales and sales support professionals offer best practise placement services for leading fund managers. We believe that experience leads to performance. Our focus is on UCITS fund solutions, managed accounts and customized mandates.

Transparent and professional sales approach


We offer significant market access and a transparent and professional sales approach. This includes not only our extensive investor network, but also a transparent comprehensive reporting. We are more than introducers, since we develop a customized sales approach internally and in co-operation with our product partners. We also offer the administration of platform services and organization of retrocession payments to our clients. We work with the Morningstar database and assist in positioning the investment expertise of our partners to attract valuable investors in the market place.

The Active Fund Placement (AFP) business model is a combination of a fixed fee and a success fee for the amount of assets raised. You as a product partner pay a success fee in addition to any applicable retrocession payment; thus will reduce your net fees. We are success driven and a cost-effective alternative to internal customer relationship teams in the region. With AFP you can scale your business faster with less capital expenditures.

Exceptional investment management


We offer investors access to managers entering the regional market with a strong track record and different levels of assets under management. The available investment expertise have clear USP’s and are taylored to complement potentially existing well-known regional competitors. We only engage in co-operations with product partners that can convince us in our due diligence process of their quality and investment capabilities.  

For AFP exceptional investment management plays a more important role than the pure quantitative track record or any current rankings. Due to our extensive market reach on structured products (i.e UCITS funds), we also solicit  customized managed mandates to investors. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in new ideas or new opportunities for any given segment. We are happy to share our knowledge. 

We would love to work with you. Get in touch!